Learning algorithm

This is the algorithm behind 'practice' mode in Matical Orange

Spaced repetition with cards

Spaced repetition is a powerful technique that can help anyone memorize information more efficiently and effectively. It is based on the idea that reviewing and recalling information at optimal intervals can strengthen your memory and prevent forgetting. Spaced repetition can be applied to any kind of learning, from vocabulary to math formulas to programming concepts.

I learned about spaced repetition when I was looking for ways to help my kid who had trouble learning certain issues at school. I wanted to find a simple and effective method that we could use together without any complicated software or tools. That’s when I came across this algorithm that only requires a pen and paper (or a digital equivalent).

The Algorithm

The algorithm is based on the following steps:

  1. Put all the facts to be learned in one pile. It should have about 10 cards, with some easy and some harder. questions.
  2. Pick a card, start from a easy one. Answer the question.
  3. When the answer is correct, add another card to bottom on the pile, and start the questions from the top again When the answer is incorrect, move the incorrect answer to top of the pile, and start the questions again from the top.

When following these simple rules with a pile of cards, the more difficult questions move on top of the pile and get repeated more often. And easier questions move on bottom of the pile and get repeated less often.

I tried this algorithm with my kid and it worked surpsiginly well. We found that it was easy to follow and fun to do. But it also can be frustrating to a kid, so don't try to add too many new things in a learning session.

We highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn faster and better. Happy learning! 😊

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